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Understanding Your Client Base: How to Find Your Ideal Client

ideal-clientHow would you describe your typical client? It’s a question most business owners think they know but one which is a bit more complicated than you may think.

Identifying your typical client, which in turn helps you to gauge whether they’re your “ideal” client, is a process that’s worth the time and effort. This will likely require you to do some number crunching. We work with our clients on analyzing their current client base on a variety of demographic pieces.

Why is this important? You could have 200 clients and only 20 of them represent what you would describe as your “ideal” client and let’s be honest, we all want more “idea” clients. They meet various factors that help grow your company and in turn, allow you to serve them more easily and effectively.

So, how should you go about analyzing your client base to determine what your typical client looks like? Our suggestion would be that you export all of your electronic client data and review all of your client files. Evaluate the average age, gender, income level, education level, geographic location (including zip codes), and any other qualifying data that you can for your current clients. Take those averages to compose a proverbial picture of your typical client.

For example, let’s say your typical client is a male between the age of 40-50 with an income level of 50K annually, and has a college degree. Does John Doe represent what you would want your “ideal” client to be? If not, start comparing what you want your “ideal” client to be against who your current clients are and work toward prospecting and finding more ideal clients to add to your docket.

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