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Hashtags: How to use them to grow your brand

you-do-it-with-hashtagsHashtags have been around for a few years now. We first saw them as a way to link updates on Twitter and they spread to Facebook and other outlets quickly thereafter.

So, what’s a hashtag and how can it help grow you brand on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter?

A hashtag is simply using the # sign from your keyboard and immediately following it with a word or phrase that helps identify what you’re writing about and/or your brand. In essence, you’re selecting words for phrases that reflect what you sell and your brand. Check out this video for further explanation.

For example, if we’re writing about a marketing tip, we’d end our update with the hashtag #marketingtip so that our update could be more easily found by people searching for marketing tips.

Be scientific and purposeful with the hashtags you choose and start reaping the benefits.

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